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When you go to Leeuwarden, you would like to enjoy the beauty of the town, see the excellent scenery, and feel the charm of the people and the environment without having to be forced to move quickly to accommodate other tourists or vacationers.


You want to have the freedom to do everything that you want to do whenever you want. You also would aim to go to any place without the hassle of commuting and adapting to the schedules of boat rides and public boats. If you have felt bad before from your previous vacation, then we want to change that. We want you to have fun and relax as you visit one of the beautiful and majestic towns in the Netherlands. And we have all the answers that you are looking for.

Boating service

RondvaartLeeuwarden is a boating service company that provides boats to those who want to feel free while traveling the canals of Leeuwarden. We know the experiences that tourists have to go through every time they want to ride a boat to go to a particular place that they want. We see the hassle that they encounter every time another guest want to force you to go out of the boat because they want to use it for himself. Not having fun while on your trip in Leeuwarden will only worsen your mood throughout the day. This is why we offer boating services to those who want to grab a hold of their freedom and traveling in the town. We want you to have our boating service as your second love.

What is a boating service?

The term is actually a very broad one when it comes to the services that we actually provide our clients. It differs depending on the person who wants to get the service and the time that you want us to send you a boat for your use.

For tourists, we offer boats that you can use throughout your whole vacation. We will teach you how to maneuver the boat by yourself and you are good to go. You do not need a license to operate a boat. It is much like renting a car but with all the freedom in the world. By being the skipper yourself, you rid yourself of getting in line to commute and to go to your destination. You are also saving time and energy when you get our boating service. You can just hop and check the items on your itinerary without the pressure of other tourists bothering you around.

For businesses, we also offer boating services for you. Hotels partner with us in order to accommodate their guests. They have tailor-made packages for the people who stay in the hotel wherein a tour in Leeuwarden is a freebie. You can see our ads in dating site reviews wherein hotels offer a free boat tour to the ones who book a room with them.

We also offer a long-term option where commercial businesses have a personal skipper for six months or one year along with the boat of their choice. They can use the service anywhere and anytime for shipping items and bringing people to specific places. With this service, you are doing away with the maintenance and upkeep of the boat. What you acquire from us is convenience and effortless delivery of service.