What To Do in Leeuwarden

Traveling is one of the best medicines that you can take any time. You will not get enough of going to different places and experiencing new cultures. It is feeling the second love that you have been waiting for after a heartbreak. It is the completeness that the sights bring when you set your eyes upon them. It is the emotions that you feel that gets your heart pumping and your mind running.

One of the top places that you can go to when you are in the Netherlands is Leeuwarden. It is a small town that is located in Friesland. With its more than 100,000 people and a number of beautiful spots in it, Leeuwarden has grown to become one of the places that people aim to be in.

What are the things to do in Leeuwarden?

Boat Tours

Bring your special someone that you met in dating sites and book a tour in the canals of Leeuwarden by getting boat services. Rondvaart Leeuwarden is one of the top boat service providers in the Netherlands. You should make reservations one month prior to your vacation in the town so that you can get to experience their services. Experience the charming canals and the poetic scenery that Leeuwarden has to offer the tourists and locals alike.

Check Out Local Restaurants and Cafes

Take a pause and recharge by visiting the local restaurants offering fantastic homemade dishes that will get you ready for more travel action experience in Leeuwarden. You can explore the streets of Leeuwarden and taste street food. Experience the latin american cupid romance near the seaside where you and your special someone can enjoy the view of the sunset while filling your stomach with good food and your heart with unforgettable memories of Leeuwarden. You’ll be surprised how far every penny can take you in Leeuwarden. It might not be a glamorous town, but this town has a unique flair that makes it memorable.

Structures To Visit

If you are interested in seeing a structure that tilts the same way as the Tower of Pisa, then Leeuwarden is a good place to visit. Oldehove is a building that has been founded in the 1500s. It is actually an unfinished church where people were supposed to go to. Now it is one of the main attractions when you go to Leeuwarden.

Another church that you can include in your itinerary is the Saint Boniface Church. The church is named as such because of a certain missionary name Bonifatius. For those who want to get a good view of Leeuwarden, you should attempt to climb this church and see a whole new scenery at the top of the church.

For those who are interested in the history of Friesland, you should visit the Fries Museum. It houses different materials, paintings and other pieces of artifacts as proof of the history of Friesland.