About Us

Rondvaart Leeuwarden is a company that offers boating services in Leeuwarden. We have a website that allows online booking and physical booking on our main site.

Leeuwarden is a town that is located in Friesland in the Netherlands. As you may have known, the Netherlands is a country that is composed of canals and waterways. It was originally created to provide for a way for water to flow without going to the city. And that is why the canals were made.

Rondvaart Leeuwarden provides a way for you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Netherlands. It is not enough that you experience the town by just walking while you are elitedating. You should use our boating services to see the true beauty of Leeuwarden.

For those who are looking for boating services for personal or commercial use, we also have bigger boats to accommodate your needs. We are one of the high-quality providers of boating services in all of the Netherlands. Our reputation, as they say, precedes us. But do not take our word for it. Try our service for yourself. Reserve a seat right now.