Related Services

The company has grown from the basic boating services that we offer customers. Right now, we are diversifying from the usual services that companies in the business provide and we are aiming to expand our customer base and be better in the other related services that we provide. We may not be a dating site but you are sure to find your second love with us.

Boat accessories

This is our business-to-business side of the industry. In the boating services industry, you cannot help but stay connected with other companies that have the same offers to clients. We are a company that loves clients and loves competition. But we foster a good contest. Just like in dating sites in Nederlands, we want to build a relationship with other companies that give boating services.

We have an expansion of our warehouses. We are building another home for the boat parts and accessories that we offer to businesses who also use boats and ships. Our inventory is wide-ranging, from the simple nuts and bolts to the complex motors and propellers.

Boat offers

Aside from our boating services, we are also offering individuals and companies new and refurbished boats. We guarantee you that all the boats that we sell are inspected for quality and durability. We have in-house mechanical and electrical experts who check the boats before the handover. We are aware of the policies that govern national and international waters and we are sure that all the boats pass industry standards.

As for the refurbished boats, we make sure that the boats that were handed to us have all the major parts intact. We do modifications and repairs here and there. You can even check the boats yourself and bring your own mechanic to ensure that you are getting value for your money.